Release Notes

The Ontotext Platform release notes provide information about the features and improvements in each release, as well as various bug fixes. Ontotext Platform’s versioning scheme is based on semantic versioning. The full version is composed of three components:


e.g., 1.2.3 where the major version is 1, the minor version is 2, and the patch version is 3.


Releases with the same major and minor versions do not contain any new features. Releases with different patch versions contain fixes for bugs discovered since the previous minor. New or significantly changed features are released with a higher major or minor version.

Ontotext Platform 3.6.0

Released: 10 September 2021


Ontotext Platform 3.6.0 combines:

  • Deployment and Operations Improvements – updates key components to newer versions and implements many improvements in the Helm charts.
  • Semantic Objects Service – provides validation of SOML schemas against the data stored in GraphDB.
  • Semantic Search Service – support for Elasticsearch version 7.13.
  • Platform Workbench – enables visual creation of GraphQL queries using the GraphiQL Explorer.


Ontotext Platform 3.6.0 deprecates MongoDB as schema store for the Ontotext Platform. If you are still using MongoDB as schema store, please read our Migration Guide.


Ontotext Platform version 3.6.0 requires:
  • GraphDB version 9.9.0 or later, as well as the required version of Elasticsearch corresponding to the used GraphDB Elasticsearch connector version.
  • FusionAuth version 1.28
  • Chart components require K8S version 1.19

You can find a list with all external dependencies here.

New Features

  • Semantic Objects Service
    • Validation of SOML schemas against the data stored in GraphDB:
  • Platform Workbench


  • Deployment and Operations Improvements
    • Upgraded to GraphDB 9.9
    • Upgraded to FusionAuth 1.28
    • Helm charts major changes (for full reference of the Helm charts, check our Helm Charts documentation)
      • Switched to using official Helm charts for Kong, Grafana, and InfluxDB
      • Split the rest of the chart into multiple independent Helm charts
        • platform-semantic-objects
        • platform-apollo-federation
        • platform-workbench
        • platform-fusionauth
        • platform-telegraf
      • Changed Ingress configurations
      • Removed Ontotext Platform CLI (OPCTL) provisioning from Helm
      • Switched to dynamically provisioned persistent volumes
      • Removed MongoDB deployment
    • Helm charts improvements
      • Improved conditional deployment and global configurations
      • Added role based-access control (RBAC) schema provisioning

Bug Fixes

  • PLATFORM-2756 Checking __health endpoint takes too much time when GDB/mongo is down
  • PLATFORM-3757 SHACL error on ‘clear all’ in GraphDB after new schema is bound
  • PLATFORM-3950 Old graphql schema remains after migrating with force on
  • PLATFORM-3953 WB: Object view should not put limits/offsets to federated properties
  • PLATFORM-3966 Repository statistics are not always loaded
  • PLATFORM-3968 Simple query with a lot of results takes too long to process
  • PLATFORM-4058 Mongo connections are not closed after migration
  • PLATFORM-4059 Federation queries with empty selection generate malformed SPARQL queries
  • PLATFORM-4083 SOaaS gets stuck in generating schema loop if it cannot connect to GraphDB
  • PLATFORM-4086 SOaaS health check reports an error when muted master is down
  • PLATFORM-4120 SHACL: ALL and UNIQ together will not allow valid data
  • PLATFORM-3754 SHACL is reported enabled even though Platform started without SHACL
  • PLATFORM-3773 Unexpected SHACL errors when inserting object related to ‘name’
  • PLATFORM-3941 SOaaS throws “The bound SOML with ID ‘/soml/soml-rbac’ does not exist” error when deleting a SOML schema and security is disabled