Release Notes

The Ontotext Platform release notes provide information about the features and improvements in each release, as well as various bug fixes. Ontotext Platform’s versioning scheme is based on semantic versioning. The full version is composed of three components:


e.g., 1.2.3 where the major version is 1, the minor version is 2, and the patch version is 3.


Releases with the same major and minor versions do not contain any new features. Releases with different patch versions contain fixes for bugs discovered since the previous minor. New or significantly changed features are released with a higher major or minor version.

Ontotext Platform 3.7.0

Released: 30 November 2021


Ontotext Platform 3.7.0 combines:

  • Deployment and Operations Improvements – updates key components to newer versions.
  • Semantic Objects Service – provides flexible custom SPARQL logic embedded in the SOML schemas including: SPARQL Federated Objects allowing querying multiple repositories in a single GraphQL query; setting SPARQL templates to customize the property selection; and SOML property polymorphism.


Ontotext Platform version 3.7.0 requires:
  • GraphDB version 9.10.1 or later, as well as the required version of Elasticsearch corresponding to the used GraphDB Elasticsearch connector version.
  • FusionAuth version 1.28
  • Chart components require K8S version 1.22

You can find a list with all external dependencies here.

New Features

  • Semantic Objects Service
    • Semantic Objects Service extension with custom SPARQL logic:
    • Passing information from the SOML model to the GraphQL client via Custom GraphQL Directives.


  • Deployment and Operations Improvements
    • Upgraded to GraphDB 9.10.1
    • Updated to Kong Helm chart 2.5 (Kong 2.6)
  • Semantic Objects Service
    • Migrated to graphql-java:17.3
    • During GraphQL delete mutation - delete links to the deleted object from objects with inverseAlias link

Bug Fixes

  • PLATFORM-4346 SOaaS fails to create ES connectors with some SOML schemas
  • PLATFORM-4246 ‘limit’ and ‘orderBy’ combination on different GraphQL levels returns wrong results
  • PLATFORM-4211 WB: The Workbench UI breaks upon SOML validation
  • PLATFORM-4183 Schema preload fails if connection to Elasticsearch cannot be established
  • PLATFORM-4317 __typename is not returned for Literal values
  • PLATFORM-4305 Read-only SOML shapes cannot be used as property ranges
  • PLATFORM-4238 Creating Elasticsearch indexes fails with unsupported parameters: [index : true] [store : true]
  • PLATFORM-4234 SOML validation against data: On SOML ‘update’ new validation should not be triggered automatically
  • PLATFORM-4191 SOML validation against data: Object type validator error messages need improvements
  • PLATFORM-4188 SOML validation against data: Checks multi-valued properties instead of single-valued
  • PLATFORM-3902 IRI value in GDB for ‘langString’ field produces exception in GraphQL query
  • PLATFORM-3881 Error when binding schema with config: ‘{lang: “en,ANY”}’
  • PLATFORM-4103 NPE when requesting __typename without an object selection