High-Level Overview

Ontotext Metadata Studio (OMDS) is a horizontal, domain-neutral, manual annotation tool that enables organizations in possession of various amount of unstructured content to utilize their own subject matter experts in order to evaluate if their use case can be solved by any pre-existing text analysis service on the market, and if not – to produce the foundational data to build their own NLP models.

This documentation is a comprehensive guide that explains every feature of the product, as well as how to install, configure, and start using it.

Metadata Studio is natively built on top of GraphDB, thus having a GraphDB 9.11 and newer is a prerequisite.

If you need a quick overview of Metadata Studio or are interested in seeing it in action, please visit the Metadata Studio product section on our website.

Credits & Licensing

Metadata Studio uses GraphDB as its database, Ontotext Platform for providing an API, and Keycloak for access control.

Full dependencies and licensing information are available here.

Helpful Hints

Throughout the documentation, there are a number of helpful pieces of information that can give you additional information, warn you, or save you time and unnecessary effort. Here is what to pay attention to:


Hint badges give additional information you may find useful.


Tip badges are handy pieces of information.


Notes are comments or references that may save you time and unnecessary effort.


Warnings are pieces of advice that turn your attention to things you should be cautious about.