Set up License

The Ontotext Semantic Services are available under a commercial time-based license. They are neither free, nor open source. To purchase a license or obtain a copy for evaluation, please contact the Ontotext sales team.

The Semantic Services can be started without a license, but all requests will fail until one is provided.

Set Up License in the Workbench

The easiest way to set up an Ontotext Semantic Services license is via the Workbench. See details on how to do it in the Set Up License section of the Workbench documentation.

Set Up License Through a File

The Semantic Services will look for a license file in a location set by the platform.license.file property. There are two ways to set this property:

  • Inside the file
  • As an environment variable

The format of this property is the following:



Example for setting the property within the Semantic Objects volumes configuration in a Docker Compose file:


# Replace /path/to/the/file/license_name.license with the path to the saved license

# - /path/to/the/file/license_name.license:/PLATFORM.license:ro

# Example: license saved in a folder ‘license’, created where the Docker Compose file is saved

- ./license/EVALUATION_ONTOTEXT_PLATFORM_expires-dd-mm-yyyy.license:/PLATFORM.license:ro

Order of Preference

When looking for a license, the Semantic Services will use the first license it finds in this order:

  • The environment variable platform.license.file.
  • The file set by the property platform.license.file within

License Information

License information, such as licensee, version, and expiry date will be printed out upon Semantic Services startup. The same information can be found in the Semantic Services Workbench home screen.